Richard Orlinski, the best selling French artist in the world .

Richard Orlinski a French artist consecrate his entire life towards art, looking at contemporary projects and the innovative use of diverse materials and unconventional forms in his production. With a unique enthusiasm for art and sculpture, the artist relished creating artworks of the world, full of ferocious primitive animals and things that have signaled their appearance in the generation. Every artist has a hunger to make his/her art approachable to numerous people possible, and the same goes with Orlinski. He aspired to reinvent himself again and again and overwhelm the impediments coming his way. Influenced by Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Robert Indiana, Orlinski renders popular iconography such as skulls, King Kong, and Superman.

Orlinski's outset for artwork began in 2004 with an exhibition held in France at the American Film Festival when he demonstrated his art of a red resin crocodile. Showcasing his artwork, he made a trademark for himself. From street to TV screen, he made his appearance and brought the art to the extent, where it has nevermore been previously. Nothing stops the visual artist when it comes to creating. He wanted to spread his art in such a way that people's seeing his artwork gives an instantaneous emotional response. Also, he had a desire to bring the world of contemporary art far from the decades where his work speaks about him. With such a passion for art, he has made himself one of the best-selling French contemporary artists in the world. Now his artwork can be seen in more than 90 galleries of France and abroad as well. He is also working towards online retail shops where people can buy very limited goodies such as kong case.

Orlinski has always been inclined towards an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. This zest in Augmented Reality led him to design an AR app that will soon be launched. With his unconventional and untamable artistic creativity, this contemporary artist does not hesitate to associate his image with prestigious partners who give him carte blanche in his creative process and allow him to continue to push even further in his desire to bring art into our daily lives. Also, he has collaborated with prestigious brands and is committed to popularizing his art, the sculptor has also collaborated with Disneyland Paris, The Kooples, or the famous video game PacMan. Lately, Richard Orlinski created a young talent incubator called "Tomorrow Hub" where he allows promising young people to realize their professional projects, whatever they may be.

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